The Vorax Lair is similar to the Volcano treasure in the way of having a Vorax with a pearl, but in the lair there is only one Vorax and one pearl. Also Unlike the Volcano, the Lair can be accessed without the Beluga. The Lair is located between Mamago Garage and the Black Isle. Tucked to the side, with a large Looter's Cave style door for an entrance.

Inside the Lair several types of enemies will be found, none of which pose much of a threat. Like a Looter Cave, in the Lair the Vorax will continue running until you pin him against the end of the map, fighting land jelly type enemies in between. Also like Looter Caves, after killing the fleeing Vorax and taking it's pearl, the player will be teleported outside back to Hyllis.

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