• Item Name: Starkos
  • Description: A Starkos restores one heart of your energy.
  • Location:Can be bought from various vendors in Hillys and on Selene.
  • Price: 150 units.


A Starkos is a type of food that is native to Hillys and widely available throughout the land.

A single Starkos will replenish one heart container; Jade can collect them for herself and she can also give some to her partner to heal them.

Trivia Edit

We can watch a funny Starkos commercial on the huge screens that are present in several road sections inside the distinct race tracks.

Beyond Good & Evil - Pub Starkos (Ed de Tonic Trouble)00:19

Beyond Good & Evil - Pub Starkos (Ed de Tonic Trouble)

Starkos Ad.

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