Taxi driver / Supporter of the IRIS Network

The individual known as: 'Rob', a male homo sapiens, is an ex taxi driver commonly found roaming the streets of Hillys' City's Pedestrian District. He is an enthusiastic supporter of the IRIS Network, and tries to help the organisation by any means necessary.

Post-Nutripils Factory ReportsEdit

Quickly after IRIS 513 is published, Rob will quit his job as an taxi driver and dedicate his life on supporting the IRIS Network further by any means necessary. He starts to protest with signs within the city. He states that it is time that people have to know the truth. He also mentions that their numbers are still small, but as long as the end is not there yet, they have to support the organisation. He also gives a brief advise for Jade: "Find as many pearls, so that they can spread the word throughout the planet."

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