• Scientific Name: Rattus giganteus (Giant rat);
  • Fact: They always hang around with other rats;
  • Location: Several places on Hillys;
  • Worth: 200 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Identified, dated, filed..."


The Rattus giganteus are rats that roam every part of Hillys, most notably the Nutripils factory and slaughterhouses. They usually live in dirty and closed spaces, such as ventilation shafts and sewer pipes. When approached, they will feel threatened and bite trespassers. Jade can get rid of them with a good kick.

The giant rats are pretty intimidating creatures, but are no bigger than a grown human's foot. They have long snouts, a little pink nose, flat ears, red eyes, and a long fat worm-like tail. Their fur is untidy and entirely brown. They also have fangs hanging out from their mouth.

They are obviously based on the real-life rat species.

Strangely, kicking them will produce a Materia Crystal.

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