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Mdisk menu

An Mdisk is an optical disk in Beyond Good and Evil. They directly resemble CDs or DVDs, while carrying much of the same function. When played using an Mdisk Decoder, they have the ability to play messages from other characters or organizations in the game, storing digital issues of IRIS and in one case, CCTV footage. Jade begins with a Game Save Disc that allows players to save their game once they reach an Mdisk Decoder, similar to the checkpoint system found in many other Videogames.
Mdisc reader

Mdisk Decrypter

List of MdisksEdit

  • Game Save Disc - Used to save your game
  • Mr. De Castellac - Mission disc (received before going to Black Isle)
  • The Pearl and the Currents - Information disc (given to you by IRIS)
  • For Jade - Received from Pey'j at the Nutripils Factory
  • Surveillance Camera - Contains security footage of the Nutripils Factory, found in a Mdisk holder near the closet that holds Pey'j Jet-Boots.
  • Hillyan Army Databank - Documents the equipment used by both the Hillyan Army and the Alpha Sections, found in the Nutripils Factory in a room opposite the closet that holds Pey'j's Jet-Boots
  • Beluga Check-Up - Found on the desk near the Beluga
  • Animal Species - A photo album of all the species on Hillys (received when you complete the Science Center's photo inventory)
  • IRIS 511 - Early IRIS report (collected in Ming-Tzu's backroom)
  • IRIS 512 - Early IRIS report (collected in Ming-Tzu's backroom)
  • IRIS 513 - Finished IRIS report on the Nutripils factory (collected in Ming-Tzu's backroom)
  • IRIS 514 - Finished IRIS report on the Slaughterhouse (collected in Ming-Tzu's backroom)
  • Mdisk 13 (Disc Game) - A mini-game accessed in the Akuda Bar, by using a code gained from entering your Internet Code into The Darkroom and completing a challenge.
  • Pearl Game - A mini-game (rewarded by Mammago for collecting all the Pearls in the game)

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