The Hillyan Army were the the primary military force on Hillys, before the Alpha Sections arrived. Despite the Alpha Sections presence, the regular Army are still stationed throughout Hillys, primarly within the City, taking on a more public security role as opposed to the Alpha Sections who tend to work privately, guarding their own interests, aswell as so called 'Civil Security'.

Prior to atleast 2435 the Hillyan Army were in control of most all security, and the force was made up by mainly (or entirely) Hillyan citizens who had to undertake a Hillyan Army training program. The army follow regulations written in a book of 5 volumes called 'Carlson and Peeters', and tend to base their high morals and values on these texts.

The army wear a large suit of bronze armour and a helmet a gas-mask like helmet. As well as being very durable in combat situations, it is also resistant to Military and Alpha Section grade lasers.

The Hillyan Army claim to be a seperate section of the Army, and are not connected to the Alpha Sections or their schemes in any way other than being two sides of the Military.

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