• Scientific Name: Canis canis (Domesticated dog);
  • Fact: Its tongue always sticks out of its mouth;
  • Location: Only one at the Lighthouse;
  • Worth: 100 units;
  • SC Comment: "Superb specimen!! I'll file it..."


The only known specimen of Canis canis is Woof, Jade's dog. It spends most of its time sleeping on its mat on the second level of the Lighthouse. Though lazy, it's also a very playful creature, as seen from its eager attempt in inviting Jade in a chasing game.

Although Woof's fur is long and white, other dog breeds of different aspects may exist. Woof is incredibly large for a dog, easily reaching Jade's height when sitting down. It is unknown if its size is a characteristic of its breed or just itself.

Woof is obviously based on the real-life domesticated dog.


  • At the start of the game, Woof may be found with a box of K-bups in his mouth, leading to an objective in which you have to chase and catch Woof for the K-Bups.
  • The fact Woof is the only specimen of this species, could mean maybe that the species isn't native to that planet.

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