• Scientific Name: Bufo erectus (Two-legged toad);
  • Fact: The term "bufo" means "toad" in Latin;
  • Location: Entrance to Vorax's lair and slaughterhouses;
  • Worth: 450 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Bravo, Jade..."


The two-legged toads are amphibians that walk on their hind legs, though they are most often seen hoping or knuckle-walking. They can be found in the entrance to the vorax's lair and on the pier at the entrance of the slaughterhouses.

These toads are entirely green and have strong legs and arms. They're pretty big and usually form a group of three or four individuals. They live in areas where water is plentiful and are undisturbed by Jade's presence.

They are based on the real-life toad species.

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