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Disambiguous - This article is about Alpha Section (faction). For information regarding Alpha Sections in combat, see see Alpha Section (enemies).
The Alpha Section is an interplanetary mercenary group led by General Kehck. The mercenaries are considered: 'the heroes and defenders of Hillys', and are remarkably praised for their campaign against the DomZ by a vast majority of the Hillyan population. Although their motives are vague, they were able to earn the respect of the majority of the Hillyan population, resulting in taking over the Hillyan government and driving them into exile, and ultimately leaving the Hillyan Army's and the Governor's power diminshed and unregarded.

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Alpha Section propaganda poster

Dismanteling of HillysEdit

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Sometime before 2435, the Alpha Sections took over the Hillyan government and by that dismanteling the Hillyan army (which only maintained police functions). Because of their huge popularity, the numbers of the Alpha Sections grow bigger and bigger.

At some time, Jade discovered that the alpha sections are altered with the breathing tanks containing domz material (observed by the green smoke if jade breaks them, that changes them from human to slimy slaves loyal to the Domz, but are hidden by the masks, except few of them who don't have the breathing tank as pointed by DD.

Then the Alpha Sections capture Pey'J, setting Jade her own score to settle with the alpha sections, vowing to stop them no matter what, and after she rescues DD from the Factory, she goes to the slaughterhouse to discover what the Alpha Sections were doing: there the Alpha Sections had a small presence on Selene to overwatch loading cargos cointaning the hyllian prisoners.

After the Priest's and Kehk's Death and at the hands of Jade, the Alpha Sections are believed to be disbanded and the Hyllian Army retakes his role to protect the citizens once more as it does the Government, although Alpha Sections is a interplanetary group, so the survivors may have fled to the rest of the Alpha Sections on other worlds.

Alpha Section in HillysEdit

The organization is rarely seen in the public, making the organization rely on their successful commercials and speeches by General Kehck, though the threat of the DomZ still exists and is growing bigger. Although the faction is big, the Hillyan army is still stationed in Hillys City—giving the regular army a more or less watchman function—though all Hillyan soldiers admire and speak highly of the Alpha Section. This is making it seem that important matters are passed up to the Alpha Sections, instead of the Hillyan Army trying to solve these.

Their HQ is located in the Hillys pedonal area, after the hyllian Guards.

Broadcasting stationEdit

The Alpha Sections have stationed an antenna on Hillys' orbital moon Selene. From there, messages and commercials are transmitted to Hillys under a very strict censor—making it almost impossible for third-parties to broadcast throughout Hillys.